Customer Interview – Claire – Vaser Mid Def To Arms, Legs, Flanks & Abs. Fat Transfer To Bottom & Tummy Tuck

What made you decide to have a VASER procedure?

Increasingly unhappy with stomach area after having two children and it wasn’t going to get any better. Didn’t matter how much weight I lost or exercise I did, my stomach looked really awful and I hated it. I wasn’t sure if VASER was the right procedure until I spoke with Dr Hamlet, who advised on us having a second consultation with Mr Inglefield, for an opinion on whether I required a tummy tuck. The VASER decision on the other areas were almost an afterthought as my stomach was my main problem area.

Why did you choose The Hamlet Clinic?

It was a no brainer. Not only is Dr Hamlet the only VASER surgeon working alongside a cosmetic surgeon who could do a tummy tuck at the same time, but after walking out of his office I was blown away by his passion, enthusiasm and knowledge, and I honestly didn’t think any other doctor could come close. I was right.

How did you feel immediately after your procedure?

100% YES! I had a tummy tuck, so absolutely. I had a washboard stomach immediately. The VASER in my arms was noticeable straight away and was fantastic, my legs and bottom took longer, as the fluid hung around that area for longer. I was very surprised I could immediately walk upright, as I thought tummy tucks left you bent over for a while unable to straighten up. This wasn’t the case though, thankfully, and the scar looked amazing. Who’d have known…

How did you find the Aftercare?

Raddy is fantastic. Would take her home with me. Her manner and friendliness was great. She had the perfect balance of making sure she didn’t hurt me too much in the first few days. I would definitely say that the aftercare sessions are essential, especially after seeing someone who went to a different doctor for VASER and ended up with huge bumps of fluid build up because they weren’t told to have aftercare.

How did you feel one month on?

All bruising gone after 2 weeks, and a month later, my legs and bottom were becoming more defined every day. Desperate to go shopping, but Dr Hamlet wouldn’t let me. None of my clothes fit me anymore, everything was huge, but it was also strange because I’ve lost weight before and my clothes were just large on the waist, but this was different, as the material covering my bottom and legs just hung, so loads of trousers needed binning.

How did you feel at 3 months post procedure?

Three months on, and my bottom is spectacular, it is! Ahem… Now I’m buying new clothes (not quite sure I made it past the prescribed 2 months wait). The difference in wearing clothes that fit you is immense. Everyone has noticed even though they aren’t aware of the procedure. I’ve had loads of comments, and I’m really happy. My legs also look great, they really have made me look taller, which at 5 foot is exactly what you want to happen. My overall appearance is incredibly athletic, which is hilarious, as apart from working out a couple of times a week and going swimming, I’m really not.

Have there been any changes in your life which you can put down to the decision you made to have your Vaser procedure?

My husband felt as though my confidence pretty much grew the minute I walked out of the hospital. I wasn’t sure what he meant at first, but I think I do see it now. He thinks that I’m back to my old happy confident self of about ten years ago, let alone pre children of 4 years ago. I’m very, very pleased with the result, I think it was one of the best decisions I have ever made, as was going with Dr Hamlet who did exactly what he said he was going to do. Big, big thank you to Grant. I’ve already recommended him to three other people. I think he’s seeing my cousin Anna next week for a consultation.

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