Anti-Aging Hormone Replacement Therapy

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To age gracefully nowadays goes beyond the measure of simply looking years younger than the number on your I.D. Fortunately, with the advancements in medical technology, we are no longer powerless against the effects of aging. With Anti-Aging Hormone Therapy, you can address many different symptoms of aging and revitalize the way you look and feel by harnessing the natural power of hormones that work in conjunction with your body’s natural function.

Hormones play a variety of essential roles in your body systems and when they are in short supply or lacking in “bioavailability,” there can be a variety of negative effects. Anti-Aging Hormone Replacement Therapy can rejuvenate your body systems, revitalize your energy levels, and restore healthy function. To learn more about hormone replacement therapy, consult with Dr. Hamlet.

Hormones and Health

Hormones regulate many of our body’s essential functions and even play roles in regulating mood and behavior. In a basic sense, they are messengers that are part of our endocrine system, sending signals for various parts of your body during important cycles such as menopause and puberty. Between men and women, there are many differences in types of hormones and the roles that hormones play.

Dr. Grant Hamlet offers two major types of Anti-Aging Hormone Replacement Therapy: Testosterone Replacement and Human Growth Hormone Therapy.

In men, hormone replacement therapy centers around testosterone replacement. With Human Growth Hormone Therapy, the treatment is available for healthy, adult men and women.

Human Growth Hormone Replacement is a treatment course that can address aging symptoms that are linked with a reduced HGH count. Growth Hormone deficiency may be associated with significant changes in body composition, bone density, lipid metabolism, cardiovascular function and physical well-being. Additionally, individuals with decreased Growth Hormone levels may have affected sleep patterns and decreased immune system function.

The treatment programme consists of a small, self-administered subcutaneous injection (similar to that of a diabetic) before you sleep. It is a simple and quick process that will be explained and demonstrated in full in the clinic. The medication and associated items will be provided in a month-long supply, and levels are re-tested at least every six months.

The Science of Anti-Aging Hormone Therapy

Hormone replacement therapies have been in use for a variety of established medical issues such as menopausal symptoms, abnormally low testosterone counts, and for post-gender-reassignment surgery. With the onset of age, one of the well-researched phenomena is the decline of human growth hormone production. Both men and women can experience changes in their testosterone levels, resulting in fatigue, muscle deterioration, depression, or loss of sex drive. Hormonal imbalances have shown to negatively impact daily function, increase stress levels, and increase the likelihood of poor health and fitness habits down the road.

In men, after the age of 30, the production of hormones like testosterone will also gradually decline. A low testosterone count or “low-T” can have dramatic effects on the body as well as mood and energy level. When these essential hormones are in short supply, symptoms such as decreased libido, loss in sexual performance, reduced body hair, increased body fat, breast tissue enlargement, loss of muscle strength, fatigue, lethargy and even depression. Testosterone is known as the “masculine” hormone, but it also an essential part of healthy female libido and mood. In the female body, testosterone is linked to estrogen levels and is required for healthy sex drive and development.

The main premise behind hormone replacement therapies is to infuse your body with bioidentical hormones to ensure a healthy level of bioavailability. Providing your body with appropriate levels of essential hormones can slow the effects of aging on your biological clock.

Advances in diagnostic testing allow Dr. Hamlet to identify and address your hormonal imbalances. Based on these results, he will create your targeted hormone-replacement therapy regimen. A single weekly injection will restore your health and vitality so that you can get back to doing the things you love, on your terms.


Those who have been diagnosed with abnormally low levels of testosterone will benefit most from testosterone therapy. If you are unsure whether or not you fall into this category, speak with your primary care physician or schedule a consultation with Dr. Hamlet to learn more. Men over the age of 30 experience a sudden decrease in energy levels, loss of sexual interest, and declining muscle strength may benefit from hormone replacement therapy.

Testosterone replacement therapy is available for men and women.

Human Growth Hormone Therapy is an ideal treatment for those diagnosed with HGH deficiency or are currently experiencing symptoms due to abnormally low HGH levels such as decreased energy, poor sleep patterns, weakened the immune system and loss of bone density. Growth Hormone Deficiency in adults may even lead to high cholesterol levels, poor insulin processing, and compromised cardiac health.

Hormone replacement therapy programmes are not meant to be a cure-all for serious medical conditions and patients considering treatment should approach with reasonable expectations. HRT treatments can significantly boost mood, energy and other body functions for a revitalized and rejuvenated you.

If you have been diagnosed with low testosterone levels or have the following symptoms, you may benefit from hormone replacement therapy:

  • Sudden decrease in energy
  • Loss of muscular size and strength
  • An increase of fat around the abdomen
  • Menopause-like symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats
  • Infertility
  • Enlarged breast tissue development or gynecomastia
  • Loss of facial or body hair
  • Loss of sexual drive
  • Depression
  • Inability to concentrate and decline in memory function
  • Affected sleep pattern such as increased sleepiness


If you are experiencing the physical or emotional symptoms listed above, a detailed history, physical examination and laboratory analysis will give you a clear picture of the issues. Speak with your primary care doctor and Dr. Hamlet about how hormone therapy can help address symptoms that have not responded to more conventional or alternative treatments.


A treatment is typically self-administered via a small, subcutaneous injection before bed. The steps of the process will be explained in detail when you receive your treatment kit from us at the clinic. A complete HGH or testosterone treatment course is a month-long supply where the levels of treatment are readjusted every six months after testing.


Over the following weeks of your initial injection, you will begin to see a change in your energy levels and mood. The improvements will become most apparent by three to four weeks of continued treatment. Many patients of testosterone replacement therapy can experience an increase in energy, improvement in focus, sexual drive, metabolism and immune response.

Six months into your treatment, you will need to return for a follow-up evaluation and testing.


Dr. Hamlet evaluates patients for Growth Hormone Deficiency using a comprehensive blood analysis. This deficiency usually results from the destruction of normal pituitary and/or hypothalamic tissue from a tumor or surgical and/or radiation therapy. Reduced growth hormone is also linked to the inevitable aging process and will naturally diminish over time.

Dr. Hamlet considers and may recommend HGH therapy for adults if, after adequate laboratory testing and appropriate evaluation an individual is diagnosed with HGH deficiency and he believes that the patient could benefit from HGH Replacement Therapy.

Patients are similarly evaluated for low testosterone with laboratory testing. In addition to blood analysis, Dr. Hamlet will assess your medical history and perform a physical exam to determine the cause of your imbalances and create an appropriate hormone replacement therapy plan.

If you have questions about the science and benefits of hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Hamlet is happy to answer them during your private consult at Dr. Grant Hamlet.


The cost of a hormone replacement treatment course will be dependent on a variety of factors such as the treatment length and the type of hormone chosen. These factors are all predetermined and discussed in detail with you during your consultation. At the end of your consultation with Dr. Hamlet, you receive a customized breakdown of your treatment.

Hormone replacement therapies required a specialized understanding and careful assessment of your body and it’s hormone balances. All treatment courses are entirely tailored to your specific needs and concerns.

Ready to have more energy and feel like yourself again, at any age? Schedule a private hormone replacement therapy consult with Dr. Hamlet today.