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The male body is proportioned quite differently than the female form. Fat deposits tend to accumulate on the abdomen, contributing to a round, unhealthy-looking midsection. Belly fat is often difficult to shed with diet and exercise alone, so Vaser Liposuction may be an ideal supplement to your workout and wellness regimen. 

Enlarged breast tissue can also create an unflattering silhouette on certain males. Even a small amount of extra fat can produce “man boobs” that could be embarrassing or unappealing. 

Vaser is a remedy that helps men with unsightly bulk or bulges. If you are in the London region and wish to learn more about the benefits of Vaser treatment for men, book a consultation with Dr. Grant Hamlet.  

About Vaser Lipo

Vaser Lipo is a less invasive and more selective procedure than traditional liposuction.

Vaser breaks down your unwanted fat with targeted ultrasound waves. By using hi-definition ultrasound waves, Vaser softens the fat you want to be removed without damaging the material around it. The treatment area is first prepared with tumescent liquid to loosen fat deposits. This step makes the fat cells swollen and easy to target, while also protecting your blood vessels, nerves, and surrounding tissue. Vaser avoids unnecessary trauma on the body, resulting in shorter recovery times.

Since men often have thin layers of fat covering their musculature, helping those muscles emerge can be a delicate process. Vaser Lipo is the perfect enhancement to accentuate the biceps, six-pack abs, and other desirable male features. For abdominal etching, the ultrasound method of liposuction is particularly effective.[1]

The Vaser technique helps give a man definition and confidence. Dr. Grant Hamlet is the perfect place to start the process. For the latest information about Vaser Liposuction or any other procedures that pique your interest, please visit Dr. Hamlet’s  Blog

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The Benefits of Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction

One of the major advantages of the Vaser Lipo method is how well your skin responds. Traditional Liposuction techniques achieve little to no skin tightening. A Vaser Lipo session, on the other hand, puts less stress on your flesh and promotes tighter contours. By applying sound waves to an unwanted fat deposit, Dr. Hamlet can reduce its size and stimulate the surrounding tissues to stimulate collagen generation and producer tighter, smoother skin. 

Vaser Lipo also promotes a gentler approach than traditional liposuction. Hi-def waves are able to target the fat with a precision that leaves the underlying biological structures relatively undisturbed. This results in less post-procedure discomfort than you would typically experience from a traditional tumescent liposuction procedure. 

Ideal Candidates

Vaser Lipo is designed for healthy individuals who want to reduce the size of specific regions on their bodies. Liposuction is not a weight loss system and should never take the place of a healthy diet and proper exercise. 

If you aspire to contour your physique with minimal stress or strain, then you may be a perfect candidate for Vaser Lipo. You will be given additional instructions tailored to your specific healthcare profile during Dr. Hamlet’s customized consultation process. 

Schedule Your Personal Consultation

Prior to performing any aesthetic enhancement, Dr. Hamlet does rigorous research. He will ask you the details of your medical history. When Dr. Hamlet gets a comprehensive picture of your past, he can create an appropriate vision for your future.

Your goals will drive the conversation during this initial consultation with the doctor. What areas do you wish to reduce? Which features would you like to showcase? How do you hope to achieve these results?

Dr. Hamlet is ready to listen to your valued input and craft a realistic strategy accordingly. If Vaser Lipo is part of that strategy, you can schedule a convenient time for your procedure during the consultation process. 


Planning ahead will help your enhancement journey go smoothly. You should make arrangements with a friend or family member to transport you to and from the clinic on the day of your Vaser procedure. Also, expect to take two or three days off of work to help you focus on the recovery process. 

Dr. Hamlet will explain the Vaser preparation process in great detail and specificity leading up to the date of your procedure. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful team members

If you smoke nicotine products, Dr. Hamlet will ask you to quit the habit several weeks before your Vaser procedure. Smoking inhibits the body’s innate ability to heal, so eliminating it from your life will facilitate a faster recovery

Vaser Liposuction Procedure Overview

vaser liposuction procedure overview

The Vaser method of liposuction is less intrusive than traditional fat removal techniques. For this reason, most people who get Vaser Lipo only require a local anesthetic. This allows Vaser recipients to stay awake during the procedure and return home the same day. Local anesthetics don’t induce the grogginess that accompanies general anesthesia. 

After the anesthetic takes effect, Dr. Hamlet will make small, careful incisions near the unwanted fat deposit. He will use a thin vacuum tube called a cannula to access the bulge you want to be removed. Ultrasound wavelengths efficiently break down the fat. The cannula suctions the fat cells out quickly and painlessly

Dr. Hamlet will repeat this process until your body has been contoured to your specifications. Your incisions will be sutured and covered gently in compression garments. An entire Vaser session generally lasts between one and two hours, but procedures vary. 


Our attentive staff will look after you immediately following your procedure. Once you have been released, we will provide you with simple, comprehensive instructions to guide your recovery process. 

Dr. Hamlet encourages his Vaser clients to take a leisurely walk a few hours after a procedure. A daily stroll can help promote ideal circulation and fend off the clotting process. Your small incision marks will slowly fade until they are almost imperceptible

You will notice immediate results from your Vaser treatment, but these enhancements will get even better over the ensuing three months. Your body takes time to adjust to the transformations that Vaser offers. Don’t rush the process, but do get excited to enjoy the trimmer, more defined new you.


Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction (UAL) techniques have proven to be safer than standard liposuction.[2] When compared to earlier ultrasound technologies, Vaser represents a huge leap forward in effectiveness and results.[3] Dr. Hamlet is an expert in the use of Vaser, so he truly offers the best lipo technology in the most capable hands.

To see how Dr. Hamlet has improved the lives and looks of his grateful clientele, please visit our Reviews page. We are humbled by our patients’ kind words and we invite you to be our next success story

Complementary Procedures 

Vaser Lipo is a great way to target specific “problem areas” and remove unwanted fat from these regions.

Dr. Hamlet takes a holistic approach to your aesthetic. Each procedure must contribute to the overall improvement of your health and satisfaction.

If you have excess skin that bothers you, then a supplemental approach may work in conjunction with Vaser Lipo. For example, an Arm Lift will remove unwanted skin and tighten your contours. Arm lifts help accentuate your biceps, triceps, and general physique.

When belly fat is your biggest point of contention, a Vaser session can help reduce the bulge, but you may also have saggy skin. Consider a Tummy Tuck to cinch up the sag and restore your younger, more svelte self. To get additional inspiration for the many enhancement options Dr. Hamlet offers, check our Combined Surgery page. 


Every patient deserves an individualized healthcare plan. The price of a procedure depends on the details of your case and the extent of Vaser Lipo you request. Dr. Grant Hamlet is able to create a custom strategy for you. During your initial consultation, Dr. Hamlet will work with you to determine the right aesthetic plan at a fair price. Call 0207 127 4377 to get your personalized quote.


Is Vaser Liposuction permanent?

When a person reaches adulthood, they have a finite number of fat cells in their body. Vaser Lipo removes unwanted fat cells forever, but the surrounding cells can still grow as a result of weight gain. The contouring benefits of Vaser Lipo with Dr. Grant Hamlet are astounding. You must still, however, maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid expanding the size of your other fat cells. 

Does Vaser Lipo tighten your skin?

Yes, the Vaser technique helps tighten your body and promotes skin retraction. The ultrasound waves help to tighten tissues and encourage new collagen generation within the skin.


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