Breast Implant Removal

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Breast Implant Removal

Medical science is constantly evolving. New discoveries yield unlimited potential. Breast implant technology, for example, has improved over the years to keep up with patients’ demands. Outdated models may not reflect the firmness, texture, or resilience that women want.

If you are dissatisfied with the breast implants that you received, then Dr Grant Hamlet can help. Dr Hamlet stays current with medical updates to provide his clients the best care in the UK. To benefit from his expertise, contact Dr. Grant Hamlet at your earliest convenience.


Nothing lasts forever, even the satisfaction of a breast augmentation. Experts recommend that patients refresh their implants every 10 to 15 years. Some women may wish to exchange, upgrade, or remove their implants to reflect their current, best self.

If you want your implants removed altogether, this is commonly referred to as an explant procedure. Dr Hamlet will tailor your surgery to your body, your aesthetic goals, and your medical history. The exact nature of your explant surgery will be unique to you, but the following are categories of breast implant removal procedures:

En Bloc 

When an implant is introduced to your breast cavity, your body forms a protective capsule of tissue around it. This capsule may remain in your chest, even after the implant is removed.[1] If you want to remove both the capsule and the implant all at once, this is called an en bloc procedure.

Partial Capsulectomy

Your body may adapt perfectly to the capsule material in your breast. If you want to simply remove the implant and leave the capsule untouched, that is entirely up to you. You may also want to contour the capsule material, trimming and shaping part of it without entirely explanting it. This is known as a partial capsulectomy. 

Total Capsulectomy

If you prefer to have all scar tissue removed, this is considered a total capsulectomy. You may need to have your implant removed first so that the surgeon can access every extension of the capsule. Dr Hamlet will take great care to accomplish your removal, no matter which form it may take. Your cosmetic wishes are our command at Dr. Grant Hamlet. Dr Hamlet will assess your case and listen to your input before determining which of the above implant procedures works best for you. 

Benefits of Implant Removal

Improvement is the cardinal goal of any medical procedure. If you hope to look better, feel better, or all of the above, then we support you. Dr Hamlet will enhance your outlook by removing and/or replacing implants that no longer satisfy you. Once your appearance aligns with your vision, your confidence ascends

Allergan Breast Implant Recall

You may have seen an item in the news about a recall of Natrelle Biocell implants. In rare cases, these products were associated with an elevated risk for Breast Implant-Associated Anacosmetic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). This is a highly treatable condition, so please ask the helpful, compassionate team at Dr. Grant Hamlet for advice if you received Natrelle Biocell products. We can perform the replacement or removal of any unwanted implants at our London clinic. Your continued health is our top priority.

Candidates for Implant Removal

If you are unhappy with the look or feel of your breast implants, then you may be an ideal candidate for removal surgery. Dr. Grant Hamlet will provide you with options and advice as you embark on a journey of self re-discovery.

Eligible patients must be in good health and have realistic cosmetic expectations. If you are a London resident, or plan to visit the vicinity soon, please call 0207 127 4377 to learn how breast implant removal can enhance your perspective

Personal Consultation in London, UK

From the first moment you enter Dr. Grant Hamlet to the date of your procedure and beyond, we will put you at ease. Listening is one of our many skills, and we want to hear from you. Tell us about your past augmentation experience, your dissatisfaction with the implants, and any concerns you may have regarding the removal process. Together, we will strategize the best solution for your situation.

Even before your individualized consultation, you can brush up on Dr Hamlet’s accomplishments and philosophies. Please visit his blog to see how he stays abreast of current trends, research, and aesthetics. Dr Hamlet relishes the opportunity to communicate with the greater London community. By scheduling a consultation, you can communicate back.

Preparation for Implant Correction

During your personal consultation, Dr Hamlet and his associates will provide you with detailed instructions to prepare for your surgery. These are informed by your medical history and the specifics of the implant removal procedure you will be receiving.

Please arrange for transportation to and from our London clinic on the day of your procedure.

We also encourage you to quit smoking to ensure optimal circulation and general wellness. Take time to fill any prescriptions the doctor writes for you before the date of your surgery. Once that day arrives, you should be focused on your health and happiness rather than running errands.

Implant Removal Procedure

Dr Hamlet values your perspective. During your consultation period, the doctor will devise a strategy that works with the contours of your body to achieve the results you desire. Your procedure will hinge upon these decisions. While approaches may differ from patient to patient, they will invariably begin with anaesthesia. 

Once you are properly sedated, your surgeon will gently make an incision to facilitate the implant removal process. This may take one of two forms:


This technique creates a small incision under the breast fold. The doctor can easily remove and inspect implants using the inframammary method. 


Dr Hamlet may also access your implant through a small incision around the dark skin surrounding the nipple (areola). This periareolar method allows the doctor direct access to the implant and its capsule. 

Whether you are receiving an en bloc procedure or simply removing the implant, Dr Hamlet will deliver unparalleled results. The surgery may last for one to three hours, depending on the extent of your treatment. Once the explant procedure is complete, your surgeon will carefully suture all incisions closed.

Recovery from Implant Removal

Your recovery will be as unique as you are. Some implant removal patients return to work within three days, but others may require two weeks or more. Don’t exert yourself. Rest and recovery go hand in hand. 

Dr Hamlet may encourage you to engage in low impact movements in order to promote ideal circulation to your chest area. Several restful days after your surgery, you can schedule a follow-up visit with Dr. Grant Hamlet so that we may monitor your recovery and maximize your satisfaction.

Remarkable Results

You will enjoy the results of breast implant removal in various stages. Immediately following the procedure, you will notice your chest’s new structure. As the swelling subsides over the course of the ensuing three to six months, your improvement will continue to evolve. Your new contours will find their natural and comfortable position in relation to the rest of your body. To see how successful Dr Hamlet’s track record has been, please look at our patients’ rave reviews.

Complementary Procedures 

If you are removing an implant and/or its surrounding capsule, you might want to consider some supplemental procedures as well. A breast uplift will help contour your new silhouette by removing any excess skin. Studies show that women who receive mastopexy surgery to address their issues with ptosis (sagging) achieve more satisfactory results than implant removal alone.[2]

The Cost of Implant Removal in London

Every procedure requires unique care and special attention. For these reasons, every surgery carries its own cost. To mitigate the price of your procedure, Dr. Grant Hamlet offers a variety of payment options. If you have budgetary questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert team is ready and willing to discuss your options and opportunities. Money should never prohibit your access to quality healthcare. 


Is breast implant removal painful?

You will receive the appropriate anaesthetic to make your procedure as gentle and easy as possible. Dr Hamlet values your safety and comfort. For questions and concerns about the implant removal process, please call 0207 127 4377.

How often should I replace my breast implants?

Your body changes over time. You should consider how breast implants may react to these transitions. If you received implants over 10 years ago, please contact Dr. Grant Hamlet to schedule a consultation.

Should saline implants be replaced or removed?

Many patients prefer silicone implants to the saline variety. Please discuss your options with Dr Hamlet and his knowledgeable staff before selecting your preferred style of breast implant.


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