Abdominal Liposuction

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Abdominal liposuction is a cosmetic procedure in which a surgeon breaks down and removes fat to contour the midsection. Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that can reshape many different areas of the body, one of the most popular being the abdomen. New technologies have made the surgery even safer and more efficient in recent years, cementing it as an extremely effective way to remove stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise.

Dr. Grant Hamlet specialises in body sculpting and VASER liposculpture procedures in London. At his private practice, he focuses on individualised treatment plans to contour the body and boost a patient’s confidence and self-esteem. If you are ready to get rid of your pesky tummy bulge, give Dr. Hamlet’s office a call at 0207 127 4377 to schedule a private consultation. 

All About Abdominal Liposuction

Subcutaneous fat is the adipose tissue just below the skin. The function of subcutaneous fat is to provide insulation, cushioning, and energy storage for the body. It helps regulate body temperature, protects organs and tissues from trauma, and serves as a reserve of energy for times of need. It is this soft, pliable tissue that can be extremely hard to reduce with traditional weight-loss strategies. Too much subcutaneous fat can be unpleasant, causing embarrassment and self-image issues. (1) 

One of the most effective ways to reduce subcutaneous fat is liposuction, and it remains the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in the world. (2) Fat is broken down using a hollow instrument called a cannula and suctioned from the abdomen with a medical-grade vacuuming system. This procedure is commonly combined with abdominoplasty, body lifts, and other body contouring surgeries to provide patients with comprehensive results.

Types of Liposuction

There are many different types of liposuction that utilise technology to improve the procedure’s effect. These include: (3)

  • Power-Assisted Lipo (PAL) – Dr. Hamlet uses MicroAire-assisted liposuction, a type of PAL. MicroAire liposuction utilises tiny cannulas and gentle vibrations to break down fat cells, making them easier to remove and resulting in smoother, more precise outcomes. This technique not only reduces trauma to surrounding tissues but also promotes skin tightening, enhancing the overall contours of the treated area.
  • Ultrasound-Assisted Lipo (VASER) – This method uses ultrasonic energy from the cannula to break up fat, and a standard cannula is then used to remove them safely and efficiently. VASER liposuction emulsifies the fat without fatiguing the surgeon, optimising the procedure and the patient’s results. VASER Hi-Def is also available to sculpt a more chiselled abdominal silhouette.

Benefits of Liposuction

Abdominal liposuction can be used to both reduce excess fat around the waist and accentuate muscle definition. This procedure:

  • Permanently removes fat cells
  • Improves your overall body contour and appearance
  • Encourages a healthier lifestyle to preserve results
  • Boosts self-esteem and positive body image

Liposuction procedures also offer:

  • Minimally-invasive processes
  • Shorter recovery times than abdominoplasty

Not only is abdominal liposuction the preferred option for those looking to improve their midsection contouring, but this procedure can be performed in other areas of the body for optimal results. 

To learn more about liposuction and its many advantages, read Dr. Hamlet’s blog.

Ideal Candidates

Abdominal liposuction is intended for patients with excess fat around their midsection that has not responded well to weight loss methods. Candidates must be at a stable and manageable weight with good skin elasticity. If you smoke, we ask that you refrain from tobacco and nicotine use for at least 3 weeks before your liposuction surgery. If you have reasonable goals and expectations, abdominal liposuction provides optimal results. 

Liposuction is not a weight loss surgery as it is meant to contour the body. If you are in the process of losing weight and have excess skin around your abdomen, you should wait until you are at a stable weight before seeking treatment. 

Personal Consultation with Dr. Hamlet

Dr. Hamlet will meet with you privately to discuss your medical history and cosmetic goals. During your consultation, you will be able to ask questions to learn more about what abdominal liposuction can do for you. Dr. Hamlet will provide all the information you will need to prepare you for your future procedure. He will assess the treatment area to determine which type of liposuction to use and whether you may benefit from additional cosmetic treatments to reach your goals.


All patients must refrain from the following:

  • Tobacco and nicotine use
  • NSAIDs and other blood-thinning medications
  • Dietary supplements like Vitamin E and fish oil

Liposuction is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can go home afterward. We request that you find a trusted loved one to drive you to and from your surgery as you will still be under the residual effects of anaesthesia after your surgery. Pick up any prescriptions beforehand and prepare your home for recovery. Be sure to take time off of work to give yourself time to rest.

Abdominal Liposuction Procedure

Dr. Hamlet starts the procedure by marking the treatment area, then administering the preferred anaesthetic to keep you comfortable. He will inject a tumescent saline solution into the abdomen and wait for the lidocaine to take effect. Once the area is prepared, he uses the proper cannula to gently break up the fat cells. Dr. Hamlet strategically targets the subcutaneous fat just below the superficial layers of skin to avoid damaging essential anatomy. 

He creates your new contour by applying liposuction only in the areas mapped out before starting the surgery. This pattern varies between patients. After breaking up the fat, he uses a different cannula to remove it with suction. This is made easier by the first step. Once the excess fat is removed, the procedure is finished. 

The cannulas that Dr. Hamlet uses create very small entry points that typically do not need stitches. Abdominal liposuction procedures typically take 1 hour to complete depending on the patient’s needs. 

Recovery & Results

Dr. Hamlet places a compression garment on your abdomen to preserve your results and reduce swelling. Keep this on at all times until instructed otherwise. You may take over-the-counter or prescription medications to control your discomfort. Patients typically need at least 1 to 2 weeks off of work to rest after liposuction. Take it easy during this time and take short walks to encourage good circulation. After the first 2 weeks, your swelling will start to dissipate and your energy will increase. 

Many patients notice subtle results right away after abdominal liposuction, but your final results may not be visible until 6 weeks after your procedure. After the fat cells are removed, the result is permanent. To keep your results long-term, incorporate a balanced, healthy diet and exercise routine into your daily life. 

Complementary Procedures 

Fat Transfer

During liposuction procedures, surgeons have the opportunity to perform fat transfer to add autologous tissue to other areas of the body. They can preserve the extracted fat cells and place them into a centrifugation machine that spins at a very high speed. As they spin, the clean and healthy fat cells separate from the surrounding blood and tissue. After this process is complete, the tissue is reinjected to the target area to add volume and shape.

Fat transfer is typically performed to enhance the shape and size of a patient’s breasts or buttocks. Breast augmentation using fat transfer is a more natural alternative to silicone implants, allowing patients to use their own tissue to supplement their chest contour. The immensely popular Brazilian Butt Lift uses fat transfer to naturally augment to buttocks. 

If you are interested in either of these procedures, tell Dr. Hamlet during your private consultation.

Cost of Abdominal Liposuction in London

The cost of abdominal liposuction is completely dependent on the patient’s needs, areas of treatment, and the length of the procedure. To receive an accurate estimate of cost, please schedule your first appointment with Dr. Hamlet at his Highgate Private Hospital office by calling 0207 127 4377. Contact us online by filling out this convenient form.


Does liposuction remove excess skin?

No. Liposuction techniques such as VASER have a mild skin-tightening effect but liposuction alone cannot remove skin after fat has been removed. If you have excess or loose skin in the treatment area, you may need to combine liposuction with skin tightening treatments or inquire about a tummy tuck procedure to achieve optimal results.

Can I receive liposuction on other areas of my body during my abdominal liposuction procedure?

Yes. Liposuction is safe to perform on multiple body parts within one surgery. You may want to remove fat from your back, flanks, thighs, or arms as well as your abdomen.

Will I have visible scars after liposuction?

Since the incision sites are very small for liposuction, scars are barely visible after recovery. These incisions are precisely placed to ensure your resulting scars are not overly noticeable.


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