Vaser High-Definition Liposuction

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VASER hi-def lipo

The body is a powerful machine.

The network of muscles that circumnavigates the human frame perform complex, vital functions every microsecond. This musculature is a work of art, but it is often obscured by stubborn layers of unwanted fat.

Vaser-assisted high-definition liposuction gently and precisely contours the body to showcase its majestic structure. By removing unwanted fat stores, high def Vaser lipo frames the lines of the muscles to highlight a person’s tone and definition. Dr. Hamlet is an expert in the field of body contouring, and Vaser is one of his most advanced tools of the trade. To schedule a consultation with the best cosmetic surgeon in London, contact Dr. Grant Hamlet at your earliest convenience. 

What Is Vaser Hi-Def Lipo?

VASER is an acronym that stands for “vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance.” The ultrasound waves emitted by a Vaser device target and soften unwanted fat deposits. These fat cells are then removed from the body via a thin vacuum tube called a cannula. The cannula contours as it removes fat, and the high-definition capabilities of a Vaser device deliver meticulous results. Vaser high-def leaves a thin layer of fat along an area’s underlying muscles to highlight the toned, sculpted physique just waiting to emerge.

Vaser for the Abdomen

For abdominal sculpting, high-def Vaser is the ideal technique.

The #1 “problem area” for many people is the stomach. Belly fat takes on various shapes and sizes, each demanding a unique cosmetic approach. Dr. Hamlet offers a tummy tuck to remove excess skin as well as bulky fat deposits, but if you want extra definition for your midsection, then high-definition Vaser is your best option. Vaser lipo specializes in contouring delicate fat stores in the subdermal plane.[1]

Upper Back & Arm Vaser Lipo

Dr. Hamlet advises his clients to follow a healthy diet and exercise for continued wellness. But sometimes, working out fails to deliver the shapely, sculpted results you want. High-def Vaser can craft a chiselled silhouette along your shoulders, back, and arms. The upper torso is particularly difficult to tone, which is why the precision of high-definition ultrasound waves can help supplement your workout routine.

Hi-Def Vaser for the Chest

Vaser high-definition lipo is the perfect method to shape your chest and the surrounding flanks. The thin subcutaneous layers of fat on your pectoral region should hug your muscles flatteringly. Dr. Hamlet’s skilled artistry couples perfectly with Vaser’s state-of-the-art technology to produce the firm, contoured chest you have always wanted.

Vaser Lipo for Thighs

Even if you are in magnificent shape, your thighs may displease you aesthetically. Hours on the treadmill will bulk up your leg muscles, but it is exceedingly difficult to target thigh fat through exercise alone. High-def Vaser works to decrease the bulk while simultaneously increasing your muscles’ visibility. 

Before and After Photos

The Benefits of High-Definition Vaser

Traditional liposuction techniques use tumescent fluid to loosen unwanted fat deposits before removing them from the body. Vaser high-def lipo, on the other hand, uses less liquid due to its revolutionary design. The sound waves work to break apart bothersome bulges as the cannula contours the affected region. When less fluid is administered, less stretching occurs. One of the main benefits of high-def Vaser is how it leaves skin tighter and more elastic than more outdated methods of liposuction.

Ideal Candidates for Vaser Liposuction

If you are a healthy individual in the London vicinity struggling with stubborn fat, then Vaser high-def might be perfect for you. Liposuction is not intended to be a weight-loss solution, so ideal candidates should be near or at their goal weight.

The high-def nature of Vaser’s soundwaves delineate between large fat stores and thinner, hard to eradicate protrusions. If you need focused, subtle contouring to manage those hard-to-slim areas, please contact our helpful staff and let us be of service. 

Schedule Your Personal Consultation

The first step in the consultation process is a simple conversation. Dr. Hamlet wants to hear your aesthetic goals so that he can propose the appropriate enhancement strategy.

Please be ready to discuss your medical history and list any medications that you are currently taking.

Dr. Hamlet will also conduct a physical examination to determine if high-def Vaser lipo is right for you. Once a plan is in place, Dr. Grant Hamlet team will provide you with detailed instructions to prepare you for the day of your Vaser high-def procedure. In the meantime, feel free to get better acquainted with Dr. Hamlet’s expertise by perusing his blog.

Preparation for Vaser High-Def Lipo

Please follow Dr. Hamlet’s directions in the days leading up to your liposuction appointment.

Nicotine products negatively impact the body’s resilience, so candidates for high-def Vaser should not smoke. Please consider ending the use of nicotine products three weeks prior to the date of your procedure. You should also plan ahead by arranging transportation to and from the clinic on the day of the Vaser treatment. Every patient is unique, so each preparation protocol is individualized to suit each case specifically.

The Vaser-Assisted Liposuction Procedure

When you arrive at Dr. Grant Hamlet, our staff will attend to your needs and keep you comfortable. Dr. Hamlet will administer the appropriate anaesthetic for your Vaser session to ensure a gentle, smooth procedure.

The doctor will make small, careful incisions to target unwanted fat with the cannula tube. Fat below the surface of the skin consists of distinct layers: superficial adipose tissue and deep adipose tissue, separated by an intermediate membrane.[2] The high-definition ultrasound waves emanating from the Vaser device can discern between these layers to create definition as excess fat is removed. After suturing the incisions closed, Dr. Hamlet will apply a compression garment to the area where you received Vaser lipo. The procedure lasts approximately two hours, but each case varies.


Trained nursing professionals will monitor your progress in the hours following your high-def Vaser procedure. Our team will prescribe the necessary medications and instructions to ensure a healthy recovery. Please plan to take two or three days off of work after your procedure.

You should not exert yourself, so time off is just what the doctor ordered!

During your recovery period, Dr. Hamlet will recommend the appropriate light exercise for your case. Pleasant walks, gentle stretching, and other low-impact movements will promote proper circulation. In addition to preventing clotting, a healthy walk allows you to show off your newly contoured body to the neighbours!


It may take up to three months for the full high-def Vaser transformation to manifest.

The first phase of high-def Vaser results will appear immediately. You will notice less fat in your “problem areas” but initial swelling may disguise the full benefits of your session in the short term. As the swelling subsides, your ravishing results will come to light. 

Your musculature will gain definition over time as your body adapts to the stunning effects of Dr. Hamlet’s work.

Complementary Procedures 

One of the residual benefits of Vaser liposuction is its ability to harvest high-quality fat.[3] After unwanted fat is removed, it is treated and purified to eliminate any possible infection. This high-quality fat is a valuable resource for a fat transfer

high def lipo

Dr. Hamlet can inject a patient’s own fat cells back into them for cosmetic enhancement purposes. Fat transfers can fill unsightly facial depressions to plump and smooth lips and restore a client’s youthful pucker. Dr. Hamlet can also use high-quality fat cells to rejuvenate hands, augment breasts, or lift and define buttocks. 

Dr. Grant Hamlet offers several procedures that are tailored to shape and firm your form. A body lift, for example, may be the perfect complement to Vaser-assisted high def lipo. The liposuction treatment removes unwanted fat, but a body lift can address any excess skin that remains. To create the best enhancement strategy for your aesthetic goals, contact our office

How Much Does Vaser High-Def Lipo Cost?

Every high-def Vaser procedure is individualized to the needs and desires of our clients. The price of a treatment depends on the extent of the liposuction you seek. Dr. Grant Hamlet is eager to work with you to determine the right cosmetic plan at the right price.


Is Vaser liposuction safe?

Yes. Dr. Hamlet is a specialist in the field of Vaser high-def lipo. His techniques are gentle and effective, and his top priority is the satisfaction of his grateful clientele. 

Where can I get high-def Vaser lipo in London?

For the best Vaser liposuction in the UK, contact Dr. Grant Hamlet and ask about our high-definition techniques. Dr. Hamlet can sculpt and contour your body, allowing your toned, defined best self to emerge.


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